Welcome to किरIITH - The Crowning Glory, a quarterly e-newsletter of the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH, India) published mainly in English with some special articles in the official language Hindi. किरीट (Taken from Hindi & Telugu, which means “Crown”) is the winning suggestion of Mr Vineeth George, Doctoral Research Scholar at the Department of Liberal Arts, which has been creatively altered by Professor Deepak John Mathew & Mrs Mitalee Agrawal (Two Letters in Hindi and rest in English to depict IITH Brand. As the name suggests, the aim of किरIITH is to put forward the crowning research, achievements & highlights of IIT Hyderabad Fraternity to the outside world. Each issue of किरIITH has got some interesting read-outs, IITH’s BoK, various talks and beautiful glimpses of IIT Hyderabad and is based on a particular theme.