- The Crowning Glory

A quarterly e-Newsletter of IITH

Issue 6, April 2021

5G & Next-Gen Communication Technologies@IITH

IIT Hyderabad is leading 5G and next-gen communication development globally, establishing a unique brand known for its ground-breaking work in communication technologies. IIT Hyderabad is a leader in research and Intellectual Property (IP) development of 5G and next-gen technologies. The CSP (Communication and Signal Processing) wing of the department of Electrical Engineering has five research laboratories, which are always on a quest to solve fundamental and momentous problems for the betterment of society. This issue is an ode to the ever bright & innovative researchers of IITH who are working to better science and society; hence we named this issue किरIITH - The Crowning Glory, Issue-6 #5G & Next-gen Communication Technologies and released it on the World Telecommunication & Information Society Day.

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