- The Crowning Glory

A quarterly e-Newsletter of IITH

Issue 11, July 2022

Smart Mobility @IITH

The invention of the wheel brought about a revolution in the transportation system, and now it’s time for smart mobility to make transportation more sustainable. I hope you will all enjoy going through this informative issue. We hope this issue of किरIITH - The Crowning Glory, Issue-11, July 2022 #Smart Mobility @IITH will give you a stimulating experience about exceptional research work being carried out by the IITH fraternity. This issue of किरIITH is released on Kargil Vijay Diwas - July 26 to remember the sacrifice of those brave soldiers who died in the line of duty to protect our country; underlining the importance we give to Invent & Innovate in Technology for Humanity (IITH) to ensure IITH is "A Dream Destination for Students, Academicians, Researchers & Collaborators".

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